Music for 7/12/22!!! Gonora Sounds, Richie Spice

@@@ Gonora Sounds: Hard Times Never Kill (The Vital Record, 2022) This is a father son effort out of Zimbabwe that I got to via a WRIR weekly playlist email from a few months ago. The guitar playing is sick and the drumming (when it’s there) is quite fine with the overall level of musicianship quite high. I will not lie, I would love to hear a full band here, especially a bass to anchor the guitar playing and the soaring vocals. Oh Lord, my dream comes true on the fourth track, there’s a great melodic bass player and some female background vocalists that elevate the whole thing. How I wish the whole record flowed like this as it’s beautiful when a full band gets behind this music.

@@@ Richie Spice: Distance (Not Nice, 2022) Some super creamy loverboy reggae I got to via a WRIR playlist email from 4-5 months ago. It’s cheesy, it’s a love song about a man trying to get over his wounds to love again and his appreciation to the woman who is helping him. That’s the dilly and the vocal melodies are quite epic. Maybe a little less reverb but that’s a small ongoing peeve of mine. Impassioned vocals/melodies work much better for me when presented in a thick, rhythmic reggae environment than in an electro pop arrangement for example.


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