Music for 7/13/22!!! Sedimentum, Caterina Barbieri

@@@ Sedimentum: Funestes Manifestations (N/A, 2022) I saw the tweet clipped below and how can you not listen to that? I’ve heard a pretty fair bit of death metal and it’s pretty extreme, but it’s not the fastest nor the most brutal that I’ve heard. And not that we’re here for -ests, the fastest, the most brutal. It’s got a pretty nice grinding guitar arrangement and some big ass drumming. The singer, such as he is, cavorts about in a manner befitting the neanderthal aesthetic he seems most interested in. Overall I fell for a tweet, it didn’t pan out, let’s move on.

@@@ Caterina Barbieri: Broken Melody (light years, 2021) I got to this lighter, more sci fi style electronic record via a twat from the UK music magazine Crack. I’m currently listening to the second track Transfixed and it has a pleasant Knights of the Round Table feel to it with a harpsichord-y type synth patch. I’ve found a lot of records via Crack Magazine, they really do a great job spreading the word about new and cutting edge electronic music but this record will not be added to my library. If you like the dream/midieval combo platter pretty much without beats and I’m sure a fair amount of people do dig it Ms. Barbieri is there for you.

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