About Me

Hey, hey, if you landed here well then you landed here.

If this blog’s a-rockin’, you can come knockin’!

My name is Shlomo Abramovitz and you can reach me at skeptical.chimp@disroot.org.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “transparent”, huh…?

    You don’t list who you are, how can you be transparent?

    You’re invisible, bro…

    • Hey Jem, I wanted to drop you a belated thanks for this nomination and anybody who found my humble music review blog via your nomination. I read a ton of news (for my other blog that’s mostly politics) and listen to a ton of music to keep this blog going, but I don’t really read a lot of blogs. I know that sounds really bad, but I was unable to come up with 10 blogs to continue the spreading of blogs by blogs around. Sorry about that and thanks again for the shout.

  2. after all this time reading your blog i just saw this ‘about me’ section. very cool; i’m excited to check out your label. i love your taste and your writing. i’m grateful to you for putting it out there

  3. heya steven. curious to hear your takes on billy nomates s/t from last august and beverly-glenn copeland’s ‘transmissions’ from …. sometime last year. if’n you’re into checking them out i’d love to hear.

    happy new year. looking forward to following along here another year.


    • hey dana, thanks for the respect, i super appreciate it as i’m not drowning in it!
      i think i saw beverly-glenn copelands ‘transmissions’ in my travels last year but i haven’t listened.
      i will do a mr. whirly twofer this coming week probably thursday or friday.

      thanks for reading and rock on.


      • i was thinking about that very thing last week last week sometime when i got an email. you’ve got the one music blog that i actually read / listen to fully, and i think i’ve sent you one communication prior to this, maybe a couple years ago. it’s got to be strange doing this thing, offering your time and your thoughts, and i’d imagine it would feel like this one way communication with little feedback. and for me, with something i’m this passion about, music, i want a dialogue and to know if i’m caring enough to put something out there that someone’s receiving it. so. i’m receiving. thank you for what you do. you’ve turned me on to some great music, and your blog is like a friend that lands in my email queue.

  4. hey hey i’d love to get your take on Soul Glo’s ‘Songs To Yeet At The Sun’ (2020) or any of their others.

    hope all’s well. as always, listening and reading and listening and reading.

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