Music for 7/11/22!!! Nicola Cruz, Naima Bock

@@@ Nicola Cruz: Self Oscillation (Rhythm Section International, 2022) I’m listening bottom to top and this is also off Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week. It’s a brisk electronic record with a slant towards video game type synth sounds and a world-y flavored vocal samples. The second tune, Residual Heat, brings a dancehall flavor with a one syllable vocal sample. I’ve sample five of the six tunes on offer here and they’re all uptempo bangers with hip hop flavors in some places, classic funk and a dose of electronic abstraction in turns. Leans towards retro sounds but not exclusively and tightly arranged business here.

@@@ Naima Bock: Giant Palm (Sub Pop, 2022) I got to this via this week’s 10 most reviewed albums via Pitchfork. The first tune, clipped below, sports both an electro and a pastoral if not slightly mopey folk feel. I mostly like the arrangement (save the strummed acoustic guitar), the keyboard sounds are interesting and the cheesy drum machine works for me, but the vocals are a bit….standard. Multilayered and a bit low energy for me. Let me peep another track and see how that goes. Maybe I’m overly sensitive to mopey vibes but I think it’s possible to have a melancholy track and have a bit more snap to it.


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