Music for 4/14/22!!! Tord Gustavson, Julmud

@@@ Tord Gustavson: Stream (ECM, 2022) Some high end jazz from ECM, a classic jazz cheese trafficker. Piano, bass and drums in this track, the whole record which I probably won’t be rocking and to say this is a chill sitch would be an understatement. No feelings got hurt in the making or the aftermath of this!!! Ah, somebody shoot a Red Bull into my eyeball I’m falling asleep!!! Wowsa, it’s just after 7pm as I listen to this and I’m not ready to go to bed. Okay, okay that’s enough, how dare the unwashed rabble not be content to snack on this. There’s a nice space where the bass player rocks a solo but it’s nothing to be scared, it’s a gentle breeze across the listener’s taint. Never has so little been presented as just right, oy.

@@@ Julmud: Harti (Bilnaés, 2022) From Pitchfork’s 10 most reviewed albums. I’m a straight up sucker for Middle Eastern electronic music, so I immediately clicked up on this after encountering it in a promo email. This is slotted as hip hop on Apple Music but thus far no MC ah there’s a MC rockin’ it in oh boy, Imma have to google Julmud. He’s Palestinian and the vocals are there but the sounds seem more important in this first tune. We’ll see, I dig these complex and sophisticated rhythms. This second tune Kassara is all crunched up, snare, a drum fill, hand drums, oy it’s a lot and that’s a good thing. The third track, Haras Al Jabal, is my favorite of what I heard and I will be checking this out later. I’m on the fifth tune while I fuck around on the interwebz and this guy has something going on here. I will circle back on this record but check this out as you may like it.

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