Music for 4/13/22!!! Launder, Ezmeralda

@@@ Launder: Unwound (Ghostly, 2022) Seen it on the Twatter people! Advertising, twatter, advertising, twatter. Pre-release track that opens with indie rock guitar and some feedback, wtf? I guess the squares want to be circles and the circles want to be squares. Big Pavement feels with dreamy dude singer, this flag has seen plenty of the pole, oy I thought Ghostly was a frontrunner in sound, they coulda at least rummaged up some small take on the formula, no? Or somebody who doesn’t follow the formula. I really like the guitar tones and I tipped out when the tambourine hit right before 2:00. That’s pretty good.

@@@ Ezmeralda: Nochear (Ediciones ETER, 2022) Off this week’s 10 most reviewed albums of the week or some such shit from Pitchfork. This is ambient business opening with a chill beat, a Doors-like bassline, and a one note synth that rings out into the ether of the stereo field. I like what’s here, it’s hypnotic, but I’m not sure it’s enough to sustain me or hold my interest for the length of the track. It makes for chill background music but it not the main act for my ears. It’s got a restrained indie song sensibility, at least that track did, the third track is opening with a ringing bell typa thing and a big curtain of shush-ing. I like this third track, it’s mental, more focused and just consisting of these repeating sounds with some delays added at certain points. What a difference a track makes! There’s not a lot here either but the way it’s put together is much more interesting. This track is called Flores En El Rio, check it out. Okay I went and shagged it on Youtube, check it out now ya binches.

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