Music for 4/11/22!!! I Speak Machine, The Forms

@@@ I Speak Machine: The Metal of My Hell ( , 2022) This is a rebranded post from a week ago and I can’t remember how I got to it. I think Line of Best Fit, but I’m not sure. Equal parts glam rock, trash rock, arena rock and synth rock. Female singer (pictured above in lovely makeup, for real) and the whole thing is propelled by some fast tempo rock drumming. Filtered wah wah type synth, thumpy 1 note bassline kinda thing, and a swirly bits synth. I have no clue what ‘metal of my hell’ means, the phrase that is but she’s feeling it. You had it coming it for a long time is the chant on the outro so somebody crossed her. I’ve always been confused by angry music that uses more mainstream sonics, it comes off as play anger. Check out Surgical Steel by the veteran band Carcass if you’re up for my off the top of my head metal of my hell. Yikers.

@@@ The Forms: All Souls Day ( , 2022) Same as above, I think I got to this via Line of Best Fit. Indie rock that opens with an expansive world-y thing before some harmonizing white gents start to take it hard in the New Age direction. It’s sort of a Simon and Garfunkel flavored, super feelings based thing. Yikes this is so far from where I’m at, I’m open to burning down many people’s houses these days but I can accomodate as that’s what an open mind means. It’s kind of a groove thing and a vibe thing as grooves and vibes tend to be. Not really my cup of tea but that’s just fine. The second tune on this single works better for me — more energy, more drumming and a more interesting arrangement.

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