Music for 1/9/22!!! Greensky Bluegrass, Wilhelm Scream

@@@ Greensky Bluegrass: Grow Together (Thirty Tigers, 2022) I got to this pre-release track via a music publicist email. This record is out in just shy of two weeks and it’s a feelings track all done within a modernly produced bluegrass framework. I’m agnostic to mildly negative on the New Age-ish lyrics and I really dig the solos here, both acoustic guitar and banjo. Bass player and mandolin round out the lineup but no drums/hand percussion here.

@@@ Wilhelm Scream: Be No One to No One (Creator-Destructor Records, 2022) I got to this ramped up post-rock/punk dynamo also via a music publicist. Big singalong hooks at points, a pleasantly frantic guitar solo and some full on punk drumming. Surprisingly wordy in the verse and a tad sports bar-ish in the chorus. Respect to the guitarist and the drummer for the energy they’re pumping out.

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