Music for 1/10/22!!!! Earl Sweatshirt, Wesley Bright

@@@ Earl Sweatshirt: Titanic (Warner, 2022) I saw on a Crack Magazine email that Earl Sweatshirt has a new single out, and c’mon it’s Earl Sweatshirt. I hope things are all right with Earl Sweatshirt and I don’t know if this is his first release on Warner Brothers but I hope he does well there. Sweatshirt works in a low key manner, and his voice is complimented with some high frequency synth squiggling and some classic drum sound machines. I give a quick peep to another pre-release track and he’s got the synth arpeggiator going and it bumps the energy and provides plenty of contrast to his stay in the groove vocal tone. I like this track 2010 more than the one clipped below.

@@@ Wesley Bright: Goodbye (Colemine, 2021) I got to this reggae track via a music publicist email. Some old school sweet reggae with the vocalist swathed in reverb and the chunking guitar high in the mix. Maybe a bit too high and the drums could be more present. I like the elements that are here but find the balance to be a bit off, if the beats were higher it would groove harder, imho.

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