Music for 1/7/22!!!! McKinley Dixon

@@@ McKinley Dixon: For My Mama and Anyone who Looks Like Her (Spacebomb, 2021) I got to this hip hop release via the bandcamp best of 2021. It sparks right out of the gate with energetic spitting and a percussive arrangement where sounds push through the mix while harmonically the tune, Chain So Heavy, rides on the chill keyboard progression. It’s very chaotic while being simulatneously tightly focused. Strong jazz feels here just a bit fusion-y but not too much as I’m not a fusion guy and I can deal with this. Stylishly raucous hip hop that isn’t really like anything I’ve heard in this genre lately. I’ve skipped to the second track, Never Will Know, and it opens with a similarly energy but with jazz guitar vamping. After the intro it gets into an odd swinging section that is quite intoxicating, man there are a lot of creative forces at work here. These are either live drums or looped live drums, this is what Kendrick Lamar dreams of being and sounds a bunch like a ’90s Prince record that’s been plugged in and hopped up on Red Bull. The greatest attribute here is an unrestrained energy to mix disparate sounds — no bullshit lyrics with jazz funk guitar and live drums, it produces a very unique listening experience.

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