Music for 10/2/21!!! Madi Diaz, illuminati hotties

@@@ Madi Diaz: Nervous (Anti-, 2021) I saw this artist on this week’s Line of Best fit but am partially checking it out as I find Anti- to be an interesting label. This is a retro indie guitar type of track with internally focused lyrics, some decent guitar crunch with plenty of power chords and big straight rock drumming. I like that the band is presented with some muscle and the drums plenty high in the mix while she gets mental on the microphone about all the things that make her nervous. Mental in a good way. As the song rolls on we get more background vocals as seasoning which keeps it fresh though I don’t love them, it’s extra to my ears.

@@@ illuminati hotties: MMMOOOAAAAAAYAY (Snack Shack Track, 2021) Off this week’s All Music notable release email. I was thinking for some reason that this was going to be hip hop as I associate illuminati with hip hop but it’s freak rock in the verse before it solidifies into a power pop punk chorus and then back to the Primus type jagged rock business. Lots of energy with bubbly synth sounds in the break as she screams all the things she wants done to her. I’m guessing Ms. Hotties is from California, I’m bettin’ on it and lemme hit the GooglePimp, oh yeah just the right amount of coffee this morning. She’s from L.A. and I saw this blurbed as tenderpunk, which I think is accurate. I’m checking out the fourth track, Threatening Each Other re: Capitalism and I dig it. Acidic lyrics and an arena rock flavor.

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