Music for 10/1/21!!! dexter, Scruffpuppie

@@@ dexter: Blue Skies (Common Knowledge, 2021) Friendly, upbeat blend of hip hop beats and r&b off this week’s Line of Best Fit. Very pleasurable synths, three dimensional, a little janky guitar thrown in and live bass so hip hop beats with live instrumentation over it, my bad. Dexter is a young femal from South London and she’s going for an in the moment type of track, why can’t life be easier with more summer and blue skies. It’s my listening opinion that the Brits have a better way of combining sounds and concepts from different genres as this is a pretty seamless blend of soul music, pop, and hip hop beats. I’m not a huge upbeat poppy kinda guy but she does solid work here.

@@@ Scruffpuppie: paint (Dead Oceans, 2021) I thought this was gonna be a straight pop banger but it’s Dead Oceans so it’s probably gonna have some indie business vibes swirled in there. It opens with a solemn piano and a mopey mopey singer. That’s two mopes on the singer, oy I’m bummed already. Don’t be sad scruffpuppie, get a nice sandwich, you’ll feel better. He slides in a nice synth bass the paints a fat low frequency beam underneath the track and he does get more animated and upset, I don’t know I’m either not in the mood for this or it’s just too moped out. I let the player click through while I finished up my pocket review and surprisingly it’s a guitar based rave up and I like the energy. When he starts dropping a little mope over the crunch it works much better. I guess he got a sandwich between tracks.

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