Music for 9/29/21!!! Space Afrika, Vladislav Delay

@@@ Space Afrika: Rings (Dais, 2021) Off the weekly email from Crack Magazine. Driven most notably by a reverse loop sound as well as some static blasts (all good) the voice(s) here are super reverbed out not in an effort to make the tune epic but to evoke distance and for abstraction. It’s got a bit of r&b to it, especially in the intimate vocalizing between the two singers but it all unfolds against a post-apocalyptic backdrop. I’m checking out the first track, yyyyyy2222, and it’s following a similar formula; a tiny bit of funk and r&b, a bit of way out reverbed vocals, a fair amount of industrial sounds. There are some tunes on here with spoken word parts and a bit of distorted indie bass but overall the formula is as described. Some really nice looping here, imho.

@@@ Vladislav Delay: Rakkn (Cosmo Rhythmatic, 2021) Same here, Crack Magazine! Here we have a more aggro, industrial style of electronic music, certainly not Nine Inch Nails glam horny boy industrial electronic, but there’s machines and siren action going here. He brings in what sounds like some sort of conga part, not congas for real but conga like rhythmic driver style. I don’t think I like the squealing siren that much but the rest of it starts to pile up and screw itself into your dome. The last third really cranks up the arrangement, bringing an urgency to the track that I find really engaging and pleasurable. The energy comes back down at the end as the tune is spent. I like this, it’s different and the components here (mostly mechanical and metallic) are assembled really well. Not every passage is slamming but it moves and evolves. This may be a bit austere and rough for some listeners but I found some good stuff in there.

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