Music for 9/30/21!!! Shackleton, Padjo Dolan

@@@ Shackleton: Departing Like Rivers (Woe to the Septic Heart, 2021) I’ve seen this record getting some love on various internet info-holes, most notably on Digg’s best 5 records of the week. This is some heavy sci-fi big futuristic on the moon business with a bit of funk swirled up in it. There are at least three 10+ minute bangers so the pace is gonna be slow. About two minutes some very disorienting voices start coming in as well as a drum kit and I’m gonna parrry with a click to the next track. The second tune, The Turbulent Sea, opens up with some twang, some metallic marimba type shit and I like this more. Overall, the tunes have a bit of a surreal, mental hospital feel with the chewed up voices, the sounds that evoke childhood combining with the Apollo 13 space vibes. There are passages here I really like but then it dies down and I never got to wow, that’s a massive ambient electronic banger! This is all preferences but that’s where I’m at with this.

@@@ Padjo Dolan: Hazel Eyes (Summer Wave, 2021) I got to this single via a music publicist in Ireland. As I’ve blogged many times before other parts of the world still believe in art and they also have not abandoned rock music the way America has. This is a rock tune with some big crunchy guitars and a plain vocal style. Oooh, he does blow it out with a stack of backup vocals in the chorus so I was wrong; he does flirt with rock star sonics here. I like the contrast between the verse and the chorus, and I dig there’s some piano in the break. I’m not a huge rock guy but the energy here is at the right level for it to be a convincing rock track.

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