Music for 1/31/21!!!! Smino, Coi Leray, Mikey100k

@@@ Smino: MLK Dr (Zero Fatigue, 2021) A whacky blend of hip hop, a little Prince and a bunch of ol’ school George Clinton feels. Tempo is brisk and the vocal layers are stacked. He seen a martian on Martin Luther King Drive continuing the long tradition of black musicians wanting to be in outer space and it’s a fine tradition given the conditions for black folks here on Planet Earth. It’s a quickie at 1:30 so pay attention as he gets in and out commando style. I like it.

@@@ Coi Leray: No More Parties (UMG, 2021) This one is major label so the vibe is much more polished and less weird. She’s not getting invited to the parties. They ask how she gets that oooh oooh. I’m no genius but I think she just goes ooh ooh. I like the bass, the beats are high end lexus, but I find the lyrics to be like the rest of America, word salad. And the singer’s delivery? Meh. Single ooh, not a double. It probably makes more sense if you’re high.

@@@ mikey100k: when it’s time (4RVR, 2021) I don’t know about others out there but I don’t like nylon string guitar in my hip hop. Somebody is vamping New Age nylon in the trap beat and while Mr. 100k works the microphone. I like him and his delivery, it’s a bit cheesy but he knows that neezies got his back when it’s war time, it’s like that. Plenty of dodging red and blue lights he can’t go and let a neezy take mine. I like this one the best of the bunch but that nylon string, that shit’s not right. I got to these tracks via the best songs of January at so it’s vice ya know?

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