Music for 1/30/21!!! Steven Wilson, Goat Girl

@@@ Steven Wilson: The Future Bites (Arts and Crafts, 2021) I think I got to these two recordings via this week’s All Music notable release email. I listened to these two bottom to top so I will be comparing this first recording to the recording below so don’t get confused. This is more in the Kate Bush electro big feels arena and it moves from a soft intro into a more rocking thing after about a minute. I clicked through to the next track after feeling like this is more electro garnished mainstream rock than it is electronic music. It’s got bits in it that’s about it. I don’t dislike it, it sports a bit of Nine Inch Nails self-importance that’s for sure and I’m not sure it’s as important as it vibes itself to be. Lots of gauzy background vocals, lots of serioius lyrics that seem pretty familiar. For me the background vocals are the least satisfying component but I like the production. As always I would prefer more weirdness but this is not a weird time it’s a time of pretending.

@@@ Goat Girl: On All Fours (Rough Trade, 2021) If you took some indie electronic and smashed it into a television set playing a spaghetti western you would get something close to this track. Downer voice, and the spag feels mostly come from the guitars and then a bit from the drums especially in the chorus. It’s one of those tracks that rocks a bit but I want it to rock more but it just can’t gather the mustard to get on that spaghetti horse and ride! Don’t really like the singer or the synths. I’m sure the singer is a super nice person I just don’t care for her singing style. The electro breakdown here is just icing on the cupcake, what y’all indie downer pusses know about dancefloor bangin’?

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