Music for 2/2/21!!! Mia Joy, Alycia Bella, Morray

@@@ Mia Joy: Haha (Fire Talk, 2021) More tunes off the best of January 2021 according to Vice Magazine. This is some super dreamy strum dee dumb indie. Spaced out downer femaly vocalizings and straight drumming. Oh Lord, I just want to sink into these pillow-y synth patches fall asleep and shit, it’s narcotizing the whole thing, the whole song that is. I denounce some things as too cheesy and some things as too corny but this I denounce as just too soft and pillow-y. I recognize the right of this to exist and for others to listen to and absolutely shit themselves over it but this be too pillow-y for me.

@@@ Alycia Bella: Cue the Sun (Hurt People, Hurt People, 2021) Intimate female African American r&b with a schmattering of jazz piano feels/vamps. She’s already mentioned the whipped cream (oh it’s like that) and here’s the compressed smooth funk of the drum loop which I dig. I like her voice and her delivery, Imma not jumping up and down but it’s all right. I like the piano, I don’t like the reverb on her voice and I’m not super on the bedroom funk tip today but it’s all right. I like the nasal MC who comes on in the last minute, it’s some contrast to the sounds underneath. Like that Western Chinese cuisine that’s sweet with a shot of vinegar.

@@@ morray: big decisions (Pick Six Records , 2021) Mooray hits that vibe between hip hop and r&b and the main draw here is morray’s commanding voice. The brother has authority on the mic he don’t need no Autotune gravy on his roast beef. He repeatedly sings he’s got a family to feed and he’s trying to stay on the right side of the law. It’s a bit dramatical but not too much, I don’t like the guitar here and the rhythm section of the track is pretty standard. You don’t have to add much to a voice like this.

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