Music for 10/7/22!!! Broken Bells, DAPHNI

@@@ Broken Bells: Into the Blue (AWAL, 2022) Off this week’s All Music notable release email and while they’re trying to slip it into the indie slot it’s rebranded and upcycled classic rock. Big stacks of vocals, strummed acoustic guitar and epic guitar shreds, that’s classic rock is it not? Slack vocalists are cross genre. It’s very ’70s reminiscent with a faded rock flavor but with updated synth sounds. I like it all right, I always like a fresh thing and this is not aspiring to cut but to comfort. This is most definitely for folks with good jobs.

@@@ Daphni: Cherry (Jialong, 2022) This is some firm ass techno out of a dude from Toronto. May not be a dude, just typed the word, whoever made this is fine by me. Brisk, especially in the rhythms. The opening beat is borderline punishing just jumps out and beats you down with high hats and a kick drum higher up on the frequencies and less on the low end flapping. The second tune is more kaleidoscopic with the rhythmic components shuffling and bleeping all across the stereo field. Let’s see what he throws over this bad boy. Thick kick, classic hihat, then pretty minimal synth bass and then a cloud synth. I could use a booty smacking melody here but I’m going unrewarded. I’m finding the third track, Always There, the most interesting of what I’ve checked out — it’s a blend of dance music, some klezmer-y melodies, and is both a dance track and a weird concept track at the same time.


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