Music for 10/8/22!!! Nora O’Connor, Stray Kids

@@@ Nora O’Connor: My Heart (Pravda, 2022). It’s an adult alternative piano driven sitch with a ’70s sounding bass. I got to this via a twat on the Twatter. It’s got more energy than you would expect from ’70s driven piano rock, it rocks pretty good for a piano. The lyrics are internalized, it’s a discussion between her and her heart but it’s not crazy mushy or embarrassing. I like the chorus, it’s a solid boost of energy you look forward to. I’m giving the third track a peep and it’s a midtempo polite guitar centered jaunty bit. Rock tinged with a bit of melancholy and nostalgia I will have to recommend this to my wife.

@@@ Stray Kids: Maxident (JYP Entertainment, 2022). You gotta respect these various Korean pop stars that absorb and then go for it in their own ways. This is some pretty over the top boy band pop with all manner of influences in it. While I respect the attitude I’m not really enjoying the music very much, it’s overwhelming the way a big ass metal song is. This most definitely is for the low attention generation, there’s no way you can’t be dominated and listen to this. Tons of sounds and tons and tons of shifts in the vocals. This is a whole nother world I know a bit about while not reaching for it voluntarily as it’s not for folks like me, this is for the shopping mall suburban clean types.

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