Music for 10/6/22!!! Acid Arab, Sababa 5

@@@ Acid Arab: Halim Guelil (Crammed Discs, 2022) A single from what of my favorite world music/electronic outfits. Most notable here is the repurposing of big pop sounds into a pretty different framework. Fingersnaps, big pillowy synths, and autotuned vocals but with hand drumming, big drum roll type explosions, and some melodies in non-Western scales. It’s a groove track where more elements are added as it rolls on. I like it a bunch, B+/A- material.

@@@ SABABA 5: Lizarb (Batov, 2022) This is a pre-release track from a full length that comes out in November and it’s a mash of a lot of stuff that together I would label as nerd funk. It’s funky but with other condiments. Big ups to the organ player, and I guess a lot of the nerdieness lies in the beats which are on the lighter side. I’m checking out the other pre-relesae track that I think I like more and the formula is the same, the keyboards are the star. I like the drumming more on this one, tighter and more impactful.

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