Music for 10/4/22!!! Sherelle, Rachika Nayar

@@@ Sherelle: 160 Down the A406 (Sherelle, 2022) I got to this UK dancefloor banger via UK music magazine Crack. It opens with a frantic beat composed of hand drum and hi hat, then the chill keyboards come in and then dubbed out female diva action. I would dub this an atmospheric banger, thick and running on the bottom with a lot of gauzy reverbed out sounds up top, at least til the hammered marimba sound comes in and then the tune really firms up and boogies. Unfortunately that’s halfway through the track and it should have happened much sooner in my opinion. From the marimba it swaps over to the arpeggiated synth climber and oy this is sweet but late. I would listen to more of this artist.

@@@ Rachika Nayar: Heaven Comes Crashing (NNA Tapes, 2022) Another Crack Music listen this time alternative and not electronic. The video below is track 7 on a record that came out in late August. There’s some dreamy, echoed Lord of the Rings type female vocals, barely discernable floating across the top of two noodling, dueling guitars. It’s a bit claggy as Paul Hollywood would say, I could use some drum beats. Just shy of halfway the tune explodes with some fat bass pulsing and a drum ‘n bass (reworked a bit) and this is a full across the sky cheese bomb, yowsa!!!! Boy, that’s really something right there. I’m giving a quick peep to the second track as I finish up today’s post. It’s more epic guitar threedling.


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