Music for 10/4/22!!! Sherelle, Rachika Nayar

@@@ Sherelle: 160 Down the A406 (Sherelle, 2022) I got to this UK dancefloor banger via UK music magazine Crack. It opens with a frantic beat composed of hand drum and hi hat, then the chill keyboards come in and then dubbed out female diva action. I would dub this an atmospheric banger, thick and running on the bottom with a lot of gauzy reverbed out sounds up top, at least til the hammered marimba sound comes in and then the tune really firms up and boogies. Unfortunately that’s halfway through the track and it should have happened much sooner in my opinion. From the marimba it swaps over to the arpeggiated synth climber and oy this is sweet but late. I would listen to more of this artist.

@@@ Rachika Nayar: Heaven Comes Crashing (NNA Tapes, 2022) Another Crack Music listen this time alternative and not electronic. The video below is track 7 on a record that came out in late August. There’s some dreamy, echoed Lord of the Rings type female vocals, barely discernable floating across the top of two noodling, dueling guitars. It’s a bit claggy as Paul Hollywood would say, I could use some drum beats. Just shy of halfway the tune explodes with some fat bass pulsing and a drum ‘n bass (reworked a bit) and this is a full across the sky cheese bomb, yowsa!!!! Boy, that’s really something right there. I’m giving a quick peep to the second track as I finish up today’s post. It’s more epic guitar threedling.

Music for 9/21/22!!! The Murlocs, Marxist Love Disco Ensemble

@@@ The Murlocs: Compos Mentis (ATO, 2022) Today’s listens are off this week’s All Music notable release email. I can’t remember if these guys were slotted as garage punk but if they were they fit half in and half out of that genre identifier. They have some nice if not pretty expected guitar sounds going, a female singer, and a comin in less than midtempo beat. It’s a crunchy mix with plenty of glassy high end frequencies. It’s like a slower but more aggro Bruce Springsteen vibe here. Let me peep another track. I’m checking out the opening track called Subsidiary and it’s a spaceship rock track, firmer than the video below. It’s got a lot of classic rock in it which is similar to the last track where I said I felt Bruce Springsteen feels were up in here. This is a pretty interesting blend of mainstream accessible sounds as well as weird arrangements and jumping around vibes. I’m going to return to this record at a later point. I can’t tell if it stands out a bit to me because rock is such a toilet these days or if it’s interesting music.

@@@ Marxist Love Disco Ensemble: Brumaire (Mr. Bongo, 2022) This track opens as a top shelf, boozhy chill dancefloor banger designed to keep the sweat to a minimum. Nice conga addition to the kit but even the vocals are designed for maximum macaroni and cheese comforting feels. There are some interesting melodic passages but overall the chill banger idea isn’t working that great for me. If they chose a chill funky beat instead of this straight one and some different synth sounds I would be more interested. I’m giving another track a listen, it’s entitled 1905. It does bust out with a chainsaw synth patch but the the framework of the last track is in full effect here as well.

Music for 9/2/22!!! Meechy Darko, San Soucis

@@@ Meechy Darko: Lavish Habits ( , 2022) From this week’s Line of Best Fit. I would classify this is pop trap/hip hop. Some skittery beats and booty shaking bass but not super sinister with the full tripped out arrangements. Darko is putting on a gravelly tone that I think really works for the track. I don’t like when processed vocals are a major component of the track so points off for that. I’m switching over to BLK Magic. It’s a slow banger with a guitar part, some keyboard and Darko’s rhymes. I really like his flow on the microphone, he sounds different and I like the way he sounds. I’m currently listening to The MoMa and I love the bass playing here, it’s super fresh and makes the tune much more interesting.

@@@ Sans Soucis: All Over This Party ( , 2022) Super high end and smooth dancefloor banging. Funky but not super gritty funk by any means, it’s more department store funky with female energy on the microphone. Very nice sounds if not a bit freeze dried. I’d rock a fancy drink with an umbrella in it to this for sure. Light and lovely for the holiday weekend, not suited for repeated listens. Let me give another track a peep as they have buncha stuff up on the Apple Music. I’m giving a quick listen to the track Air and it’s even more female, tons of vox tracks here over a bed of light funk. That’s how she does, I like it all right. You get finger snaps on this banger so there’s that.

Music for 8/30/22!!!! Julia Jacklin, Riton Raye

@@@ Julia Jacklin: Ignore Tenderness (Polyvinyl, 2022) A blend of bedroom indie and mainstream rock that I got to via this week’s All Music notable release email. I like the minimal arrangement, oh that just fell by the wayside as I typed the word minimal. It’s an end of relationship song and it’s kinda wordy, more than kinda it’s a lotta words. A string part comes in and that sorta makes it more adult and highbrow. My favorite part of the track is the arrangement and the sound of the track while I don’t love the strings or the abundance of verbiage. The next track clicked on and it’s mid to slow tempo rocker with crunchy guitars so this might bounce all around the various rock formulas.

@@@ Riton, Raye: I Don’t Want You (N/A, 2022) I think I have the right RAYE that I saw featured on this week’s Line of Best Fit email. This is a pop electro dancefloor banger with a pumping organ part, shopping mall techno beat, and strong diva feels. It’s got a lot of energy but I can’t say I’m drawn in. It’s not a fresh track, I could use some variation to the pumping organ, same with the beat and I don’t feel the epic vocals as being epic. I want to like it and I don’t hate it, but it’s not got a lot in it that interests me.

Music for 8/23/22!!! Gabe Gurnsey, Walter Trout

@@@ Gabe Gurnsey: Push (N/A, 2022) I got to today’s listens via this week’s All Music notable release email. This is an electronic record and whether it’s a dancefloor banger or an abstract chunk or a blend thereof remains to be seen. Oh, it’s gonna be a cheesy banger, four on the floor, squiggly synths both in the lower frequencies and higher plus what I find to be a blue eyed shortage of funk. It’s got just a wee bit of Prince feel to it but the clunky feel of the rhythmic components is not present if at all in Prince’s music. Once the groove gets established for better or for worse it could us some small variations or some dropping and/or evolution of components. I’m giving a quick listen to another track and the woodenness/krautiness is also strong here. I don’t like how the monotone vocals drain the track instead of building it higher, I don’t get that.

@@@ Walter Trout: Waiting for the Dawn (N/A, 2022) I don’t listen to a lot of modern electric blues but I do like to peep once in a blue moon as I love me a great guitar player when I come across one. First off big ups for the old school organ sound which pillows and contrasts with the sharp guitar tone. I don’t protest any of the sounds on offer here and outside of some unexpected turns to the guitar shredding there’s also not anything particularly noteworthy to draw you in. I get that this is pretty usual for a traditional music form but there’s always room to squeeze some weird individuality into any music no? I’m giving a quick peep to another track and he comes out with some bluesy Neil Young style crunch which I dig. This tune Hey Mama has more urgency and energy than the video clipped below. I guess lately I’m more interested in how established formulas can be reinvigorated, I’m really into that.

Music for 7/31/22!!! Tom Prekop/John McEntire, Chat Pile

@@@ Tom Prekop/John McEntire: Crossing at the Shallow (Thrill Jockey , 2022) A coupla listens off this week’s 10 most reviewed albums via Pitchfork email. Slotted as ambient on Apple Music this is the second track on the album and it comes out grooving with a classic techno beat. It’s not the only beat happenin’ (great!) and there’s some interesting shit going on in here — to reduce them to squiggles and sheets of sound is a bit degrading but there’s there’s some melodic funk/junk on top that really breaks the rigidity of the beat. This is a record with four tracks and the shortest banger on here is just shy of 9 minutes so buckle in as they’re gonna stretch you shit out. I’m checking out the first track, A Ghost at Noon, and it comes on with some nice sci-fi/space synths. I will hang for the full flowering of the track as I hear the hi hat coming, now the kick. Not a lot of ambient dancefloor music is gonna have this level of melodic development so get with that.

@@@ Chat Pile: Slaughterhouse (The Flenser, 2022) Slotted as rock on the Apple Music it’s got more of a punk/metal flow to my ears but we don’t want to harm the delicate sensibilities of the mainstream listeners. Medium big mess here, slicing guitar notes, grizzy bass guitar and thick ka-chunky drums, it’s more muscular rock than I’ve hear in a bit. I skipped the second track Why and it’s uglier and I like it, it’s just a foul bucket of distortion and bashing. I wish more people would get into this rough stuff, it really helps get the bad feels out. Big ups not only to the sounds, but this second track Why is a really creative lyrical smash in the face.

Music for 7/6/22!!!! Big Freedia, Killer Mike

@@@ Boyfriend & Big Freedia: Deceptacon (xoboyfriend, 2022) I don’t know who Boyfriend is but I’m a huge Big Freedia after watching a documentary about guns that she starred in. This is a rock flavored dancefloor banger with a pile of chainsaw synths and it’s bombastic and over the top. It’s a purposely trashy track and I still love Big Freedia while not really grooving on this track.

@@@ Killer Mike: Run (Concord, 2022) I’m a little surprised to see this track out Concord as it’s an adult alternative typa label. Sonically I like the track, it’s got some weird ass bits (the background vocals and the squiggly synth sounds) I like the bassline and the Young Thug section. The vocal hook really works and he just keeps plugging with it. It’s a simple hook but the rhythmic bounce it provides is pretty lively.

Music for 6/29/22!!! DAGR, Jerome Cooper

@@@ DAGR: Cafe Racer (Self released, 2022) I got to this via a music publicist email. This is Spanish language (mostly) dancefloor banger with hip hop and electro pop flavors. I liked the world-y rhythms that open up the track but then when it gets into the potty talk and the pop sounds then meh, less excitement. If the lyrics were more clever and they kept the rhythms more world-y I would be more responsive to it. I like the dude’s face in the video below, that’s probably one of the most interesting aspects of the whole proceeding.

@@@ Jerome Cooper: As of Not Part 1 (ILK, 2020) I got to this jazz recording via a weekly email from the BK club Roulette. The album opens with a synth note drone and some light piano work. It’s very minimal and Mr. Cooper is a drummer so I’m guessing there will be some drumming during this 9+ minute track. Just shy of 7 minutes a marimba type instrument comes in and the tempo picks up. There is still a drone in the back but it sounds like a progressive Charlie Brown animated tv series theme. I appreciate that this is not your standard jazz record but I’m not super into it. I don’t dislike it but it’s a bit slow for me.

Music for 6/24/22!!! Beyonce, Gorillaz

@@@ Beyonce: Break My Soul ( , 2022) Regular readers know of my distaste for Beyonce and her revolutionary aesthetics. This is an extremely boring dancefloor banger that is sonically flat. I woulda thought with all her loot which she constantly reminds us of that she could get some more interesting sounds than this. Madonna was at least committed to have fat tracks to go underneath her average singing. Beyonce is a better singer than Madonna but there’s no heat here, it’s just sad. The lyrics are boring as they revolve around her ‘new foundation’ which sounds like a boring dance track I guess.

@@@ Gorillaz: Cracker Island (Parlophone, 2022) Now I’m not saying this is the most banging dancefloor banger yesterday but it sure kicks up the dust more than the Beyonce biscuit. Thick bassline, a funkier arrangement and some energy, Jesus H. Christ. I mean how can you not deduce that Cracker Island has to be some kind of commentary on race and race relations. Could be wrong!!!! Let me Google that shit, oh yeah, there’s some commentary up in this biatch. Well done.

Music for 3/17/22!!! Charlotte Adigery/Bolis Pupul, They Hate Change

@@@ Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul: Blenda (DeeWee/Because, 2022) I got to today’s listens via Line of Best Fit’s weekly email. Stripped back electro with high female energy, some Talking Heads flavors, and even maybe a few Prince pubes up in there as well. I read the blurb and they’re trying to pop out some real sentiments in an electro landscape and I respect the attempt and it helps my ears that they have a fair amount of funk bass popping here with the synth bass and the drum machine action. I like the idea of these hybrid albums that take bits from different places and smash em up and I peeped some of the tracks when it first came out last week. This track is the best of what I remember happening, mostly because of the higher funk factor. Other tracks are synthier and gauzier.

@@@ They Hate Change: From the Floor (Jagjaguwar, 2022) We had some New Orleans dixieland jazz last week out on the Subpop imprint and today we have some dancefloor banging out on indie stalwart Jagjaguwar. Chill and pulsing in the verse it goes drum and bass in the chorus before returning to the verse cooldown. A couple of MCs pushing the track and there ya go for the formula. A fair amount of glitch/granular sounds happening up in here as well. I think they got a bit carried away with the delay plugins, they could clip that back a bit and get a less janked out track. It’s the last track on the record, and it’s the pre-release track for a full length banger due out in May. I hate to judge a whole record by the last track as those tracks tend to be unique but I’m split as to whether I would peep more. Like some sounds, don’t like other sounds.