Music for 10/5/22!!! Momi Maiga

@@@ Momi Maiga: Denana (Microscopi, 2022) This is super chill sitch adult alternative African music out of Senegal that I got to via WRIR’s weekly playlist email. He plays the 22 string kora (I’m guessing it’s kora as there’s a lot of these stringed instruments floating around) and he sings. The arrangements are full on pimped out with lots of instruments added to further deepen the tracks, Maiga can sing for sure, and the production is smooth beyond reproach. I wrote a whole review about how it was too chill for my taste but then track 6 came and it’s still chill but he puts in a Spanish guitar (I think) and the rhythm kicks up a notch and I knew this dude could blaze if he wants and while he’s not fully on fire on this track he’s got it going on. So start at track 6 and go from there. It’s a bit too chill for me but I dig this track while others might super like it.


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