Music for 8/11/22!!! Hudson Mohawke

@@@ Hudson Mohawke: Bicstan (N/A, 2022) I got to this artist via a review in today’s Guardian. Mr. Mohawke is a collaborator of such mainstream folks as the Drake and shit. What I find interesting here is Mohawke’s frantic vibe that he’s putting into the mainstream. I think of mainstream shit these days as very structured and polished and while there’s some of that here, there’s no doubt a healthy dollop of frantic, drugged up feels here. Squiggly synths, almost manic tempos, shit coming in and out of the mix quickly and sections changing and banging into each other. Is it awesome music? Not quite because outside of the frantic feel I’m not super pulled in, it’s like somebody took Spongebob and shot 7 Red Bulls into the corner of his eye and watched him twerk out. In the Guardian article they use the word hardcore and I guess hardcore as a term has entered into the dancefloor scene but it is similar to old school hardcore where it’s a visceral listen designed to jack you up, not to be listened to and pondered over repeatedly. Though there were great hardcore compositions that were both visceral and great tunes, Bad Brains perchance?

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