Music for 8/13/22!!! Della XOZ, Flaco el Jandro

@@@ DellaXOZ: The Della Variant ( N/A, 2022) I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I’m hearing a bunch of overstuffed manic pop and to my ears it seems to be an attempt to breathe some meaning or freshness into a staid formula. I got to this via the Line of Best Fit weekly email. It’s a bunch of delayed vocals, processed, pieces of synths and guitars all chopped and served up as a salad. That was the first track at least as the second comes out as a brooding synth/guitar rocker heavy on the synth. The singer here, Della, is quite young so it’s titles like Where Do I Belong and a yearning youthfulness. The arrangements are the most interesting element here, the drums are the least compelling element here. It’s a really square drum machine sound.

@@@ Flaco el Jandro: Mi Encendedor (N/A, 2022) I got to this mash of hopped up Latin music and dancefloor banging elements via a music publicist email. It’s both cheesy and pumped up with funky beats, and the beats balance out the cheese pretty well. There are plenty of Latin music snippets processed and recycled here — a classic piano vamp most notably but some other percussive elements. It’s a fun pile of sounds that doesn’t really aspire to much, it’s really about taking the big EDM flourishes and build ups and smashing them into Latin music samples. Lots of energy, not much to say.

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