Music for 6/1/22!!! dreamcastmoe,

@@@ dreamcastmoe: RU Ready (Ghostly Intl, 2022) A pre-release hip hop track with dancefloor flavors. I like the vibe here, it’s pretty chill with some swelling sounds and a non menacing beat. Trap has so saturated the hip hop scene that the hissing skittering beats are dominant. I can’t say I love dreamcastmoe’s flow on the microphone, it comes off a bit clunky but I’m by no means an expert. What is most interesting here is the combination of sounds and the impression it produces.

@@@ The Killng Womb (Closed Casket Activities, 2022). Here we have some very ka-chunky aggressive metal from the Twatter. The guitars here grind and smack you in the face, it’s quite visceral and very enjoyable. At least for me as I’m sure this music would pucker the sphincter of many. The arrangement jumps around which I always like and they get pretty deconstructed and noisy. The drummer here really brings the energy, he/she/they are spraying all over town, it’s really great to hear. Everybody else is putting out at the same level but he takes the ring by a hair. These are all pretty short bangers except for the last track which is seven minutes. Start with the third track and roll out from there.


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