Music for 7/8/22!!! Demiricious, Nduduzo Makhathini

@@@ Demiricious: Chaotic Lethal (Post Recordings, 2022) I got to this metal record via the music writer Philip Freeman. After a bit of an ambient intro you get a fully ramped up classic metal explosion with strong Eddie Van Halen flavors. This first track, Unconditional Hate, is surprisingly perky for the title but they bring it. Let’s peep a bit more. I’ve clicked around a bit and the opener was the best of what I heard but the rest is solid, thwacking to the dome classic metal.

@@@ Nduduzo Makhathini: In the Spirit of the Nu (Blue Note, 2022) From the same music writer’s half way for the year list. The leader is a pianist and I like his playing as well as the thick stu of rhythm presented here. Kit drums and additional hand drumming is here for the taking. There was a passage in this first track that was transcendant for me and other parts that sounded more standard. I”m listening the second track Mama and it’s bit soft for me. I like Makhatini’s playing, he’s quite an ear catching pianist but the tracks feel a bit uneven to me. I’m listening to him take a monster solo on this third track after a pretty weak opening and the two parts don’t go together in my mind.


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