Music for 6/7/22!!! Ivan Cornejo, S.G. Goodman

@@@ Ivan Cornejo: Danado (JSF Delux Music Group, 2022) We keep on with out Apple Music front page listening sesh. This is Mexican pop music, sung in Spanish (duh) with some traditional Mexican music elements but also soaring Celine Dion style reverb patches, and a lot of stringed instrument playing (a plus for me). I’m on the second tune and it’s been a torchy vibe so far. Cornejo’s voice is not textbook but it’s good. He’s considered a key player in the ‘sad sierreno’ sound (via the Apple Music blurb) and I appreciate that. I don’t like the reverb and the mopey-ness I denounce in indie music but since I just listen to his melodies and not the lyrics it’s far more palatable than sad indie.

@@@ S.G. Goodman: Teeth Marks (Verve, 2022) This record is slotted as rock on Apple Music but it’s out on Verve Music which doesn’t really traffic in rock music as I know it, this is an alt country record and it’s also a run on sentence. It’s very very influenced by Emmylou Harris with a spacious production style, lots of yodel-y vocal melodies that she pulls off well. The second tune is coming out rocking but in a very red wine, polite manner, which is fine but it’s manicured and restrained for sure. I don’t like many singers so it means something to me to say I like her voice and her delivery. The third tune, Heart Swell, is a blend of country with some distorted electric guitar that comes in for the second half of the tune. Track 4 is the best of the four tracks I heard — solid groove with a good bassline and her doing her vocal thing on top of it, best of both worlds.

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