Music for 6/6/22!!! Vory, 070 Shake

@@@ Vory: Lost Souls (UMG, 2022) Well it does beg the question when hip hop fans will realize their genre has morphed into a rock star showcase highlighting their lifestyle, their drug use, their women, their decadence and then not much more. Oh Lord, what a big record company will do to your message and your soul!!! Big reverb patches, dramatical lyrics, a smell of cheese in the air, it’s really not great and I’m not here for it.

@@@ 070 Shake: Medicine (Def Jam, 2022) Our mainstream listening streak continues and as expected there’s a lot of trash to be found here. This is the fourth track on the record and it’s a dark sci fi/sawtooth synth centered ballad with plenty of vocal processing. It’s a serpentine vocal melody that gives way to a piano chord progression and an epic vocal approach. The beat comes in just shy of two minutes and the beat improves the song and the listener experience. It’s a bit of a sleepy cheesebomb with a struggling for love flavor to it. Strictly for the shopping mall romantics I would say.

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