Music for 6/8/22!!! Horace Andy, Big Thief

@@@ Horace Andy: This Must Be Hell (On U Sound, 2022) A coupla listens off the Guardian’s best of 2022 list which you can Google and whatnot. It’s not a stretch to say that Horace Andy is one of the sweetest and soulful singers to have ever emerged out of Jamaica. Right out of the gate (video clipped below) waves of roots reggae wash over you with concious roots flavors the priority with the vocal hook ‘this must be hell, because there’s no peace down here on Earth’. With the second track you get more percussive beat and thicker stew of reggae sounds including a fairly wicked melodica solo. I like it a whole bunch, Mr. Andy’s voice is has weathered with the passing of time so it’s got less sweetness and more grit but he still brings the passion, and I’m in it for the passion. I thought the track Materialist stood out and I will be checking out more of this record when time allows.

@@@ Big Thief: Blue Lightning (4AD, 2022) I liked Big Thief’s last record but I didn’t quite agree with the pant shitting that went along with the marketing. It’s my humble opinion that indie music gets an undeserved premium in the marketplace due to its proximity to the ruling class. The first track is quite simple, great drum sound, and sort of a turned down Emmylou Harris vocal style performance. It’s a big banger weighing in at 80 minutes but I’m just gonna be able to scrape the surface. These guys are above average and great in the studio. The second track, Time Escaping, is more interesting, at least in the sonic area. Lately I’ve been really enjoying anything spontaneous and unusual in music as it feels like an escape from our post Covid suffocated feeling, naimsayin’? These guys are extremely measured and it works for them, their music is polished and accomplished but it doesn’t produce much of a visceral feeling in me. I checked out three tracks, the first three, and I liked the third track ‘Spud Infinity’ the most. I’m pretty sure I don’t need 80 minutes of this but if you’re into that then have at it. It’s really in the gray area as they are very close to being in great territory, they have a lot going on, but it’s just missing a coupla elements for me.

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