Music for 2/15/22!!! Tora-i, Foxes

@@@ Tora-i: Escape Room (Tora, 2020) This is the last track on a 6 song EP and as with the listen below which I peeped first I can’t remember how I got to this track. It’s a keyboard driven contemplative opening before the beat comes in, and my first impression is this woman can sing, as in she’s not just singing she really immerses the listener in her performance. The beat is super simple and tasteful and the rest of the arrangement if a stew of chill guitars, and what sounds like a lot of different synths that come together really nicely. It’s a pretty high quality last track of a mainstream r&b album.

@@@ Foxes: Growing On Me (Pias, 2022) Pop dancefloor action that I can’t remember how I got to. This is a clean version of a Madonna type track. Retro-ish sounds, big ’80s bounce, and more complex vocal arrangements because Madonna can’t really sing. This all adds up to still pretty straight business. There’s a section that emulates a guitar power chord section that pushes the track past the limitations of the beat and she can sing, but it’s not really my cup of tea. The player clicked through to the next track called Potential and it has that same super friendly, freshly washed feel to it. That everything is gonna be okay vibe cuz we’re just decent well showered people. Not my thing.

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