Music for 2/15/22!!! Punitive Damage, Archspire

@@@ Punitive Damage – Strike Back (Convulse, 2022) A three minute, three song hardcore punk record that obviously does not fuck around and just brings it right out of the gate in a track called Legacy. Needless to say many cans of Red Bull or other such chemicals were ingested prior to rocking these tracks. Big crunchy guitars and a shredded vocalist at the end of his rope. The tracks are brief but surprisingly tuneful. This is a quick blast to harvest the crust from your eyes.

@@@ Archspire: Bleed the Future (Season of Mist, 2021) This record opens up with a swirling, battering track called Drone Corpse Aviator with a caveman singer making his way through a sped up metal track with a big schmear of prog and even a quiff hair of arena rock most notably found in the guitar. Wow, there’s something symphonic and impressively musical at points here while it beats the shit out of you. This is a super energetic track that I feel raising my blood pressure but it’s far from the grizziest busted metal sounds I’ve heard. Where some metal is an acid bath of anger and bitterness, this is more an expression of that plus high energy playing and sorta celebratory. I don’t usually go for the virtuosic metal but this has plenty of muscle to make it a visceral listen. I like a visceral emotional listening experience and these guys provide it.

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