Music for 2/17/22!!! Jaleel Shaw, Henrik Jonzon

@@@ Jaleel Shaw: Echoes (Changu, 2021) The record starts out with an extended solo sax section and right off the bat, beautiful tone with interesting and energetic playing. To go back and hit the first thing I usually do, I got to this via the Twatter which is a weird and sometimes interesting way to see what records are floating around out there. I was hoping for a band but I’m on the third tune and it’s a solo sax record and a very very good one at that. Shaw is quick witted as well as super skilled with his instrument. I enjoyed the tune ‘Improvisation for Mom’ most of what I heard but man Mr. Shaw can play.

@@@ Henrik Jonzon: Blood On My Clothes (Self-released, 2022) I got to this track via an email from the artist. I’m super nice to musicians. I can’t find this track on Apple Music so you will be satisfied by a GooglePimpTube listen. It will be so! This is a polished indie guitar rock banger that is truer to the spirit of the classics in the verse and then pops out in the chorus with a few more layers of background vocals. No slackness here and a lot of lyrics about skateboarding and friendships and relationships, I could be wrong on the skateboarding part. It’s a very familiar formula from the clean guitar picking to the straight beat but Jonzon pulls it off really well. I’m going out guessing that lyrically he’s comparing loving someone else to riding a bike and crashing it but still loving riding a bike. Or a skateboard.

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