Music for 2/3/22!!! Amber Mark, Lady Wray

@@@ Amber Mark: Bliss (EMI, 2022) I’m listening bottom to top today which I do cuz it’s my blog and this second listen of the day is a much more polished major label effort than the one below. That tricked out and more defined flavor doesn’t mean it’s better. It’s pretty ordinary til she hits the classic hook in the chorus. Let me check her bio and see where she’s from. She’s American but with a mixed background, I thought I heard British feels in the proceedings and sometimes I’m right. Big big Prince feels here as there’s a lot of focus on the singing and hooks and while she sports modern sounds it doesn’t come out as smashed up hip hop/r&b. I’m not jumping up and down but I do like it.

@@@ Lady Wray: Under the Sun (Big Crown, 2022) A super brisk r&b with dreamy feels on top. She wants to be free and the rhyhtm section is banging away, I dig the contrast. Wray has been recorded and mixed in a lo fi/a tad distorted way that is also good. The track itself feels like it has been squashed pretty hard so that might be putting a little aggro on her voice. The bass is pretty straightforward while the keyboards are pretty tricked out. It’s a driving groove, I could use a bit more from the lyrics but you know it’s a pre-spring thing.

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