Music for 2/2/22!!!! Tim Hecker, Kreidler

@@@ Tim Hecker: Seasick (Invada/Lakeform, 2021) I don’t know how I missed this record as I’m a pretty big Tim Hecker fan. Seasick is the opening track of the record and it sports an epic flow, with a variety of synths, from refined string like ones to some distorted metal bangers and a fat pulsing bass that hits once in a blue shaking shit up. This is a soundtrack to a movie so there’s that important piece of info. The second piece immediately sounds more sountrack-y with the simple piano melody and a more pulsing rhythm. I skipped to the third tune, Delirious, and it returns to a more abstract place with some pleasant churning and multiple colliding layers. It’s interesting that these are mostly short bangers, I guess they were designed to be dropped in to movie to give flavors and shit. Outside of the second track with the piano there’s a lot of good stuff on here. His synth sounds are off the hook.

@@@ Kreidler: Arise Above (Bureau B, 2022) Some electronic music off this week’s All Music notable release email. After a sci fi intro it settles into a 1980’s synth rock dream machine beat with some angel vocal one syllable incantations and a popping electric bass. Literally popping, old school string popping. To me this arrangement is perfect to have a singer go off on top of it, but there’s no singer so it leaves me a bit wanting. Plenty of old school sounds and resounding piano chords. Lots o’ keyboards so if you go that way, have at it!!!

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