Music for 2/4/21!!! Underoath, Yeule

@@@ Underoath: Hallelujah (Fearless/Concord, 2022) I thought this was gonna be some post hardcore but it’s pretty standard art school hard rock on the Concord label of all things. Big, low self esteem singer pushing his feels forward and it’s most objectionable in the chorus. It sports a classic quiet/then exploding section structure and I guess there are some people who think this is a good formula that helps get them through the day but the bombastic production and the self-hating lyrics are a drag for me.

@@@ yeule: Don’t Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty (Bayonet Records, 2022) I got to this track via LIne of Best Fit. This is track 6 on a record called Glitch Princess and oh how I wish it lived up to the record title as it’s strum a long indie guitar pop and not glitched out madness as I hoped for. No drummer and a few vocal tracks followed by a metallic percussion tinkle added in the second half of the track, and I’m just not super into the strum dee dum. If you feel it, have at it, but I need more.

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