Music for 11/18/21!!! Tama Gucci, Shape of Despair

@@@ Tama Gucci: Put it in Drive (Sinderlyn, 2021). An album of the day over at the bandcamp. It opens with a blend of dancefloor and indie electronic. He’s got a Prince synth patch but it’s not very evocative of Prince. I think the rhythms are the most interesting component of the track. He’s got at least two beats going, with a hard metallic percussion really clanging shit up over a kick kick snare thing-y. Gucci’s singing is pretty indie, he’s no diva and it’s fine either way. He’s rocking a breathy thing which really adds drama to the proceedings. The second tune rocks a classic drum and bass beat which I didn’t expect that shit is almost 20 years old now.

@@@ Shape of Despair: Reflection in Slow time (Season of Mist, 2022).  I got to this funeral doom via a shout out on the Twatter. It’s a slow jam with classic metal guitar wee long notes and a processional flavor. Not angry at all though it’s an 8 minute banger and that’s a lotta time to fill and they could thrash about at some point. Woops, there it is, the grinding power chords and the angry caveman flavors. I don’t know how much funeral doom I’ve heard but the slow tempo and the sadness make this more appropriate for a Satanic Christmas Party than the mosh pit. It takes all kinds to fill the world as they say and there are some pretty nice waves of guitar distortion going here.

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