Music for 11/17/21!!! CEU, DELI TELI

@@@ CEU: Um Gusto de Sol (Urban Jungle, 2021) Slotted as pop by Apple Music this is the title track and the eighth track on the record. It’s got a super lush and intimate sound to it which I dig. Acoustic guitar and her voice and a little vibes action which sounds closer to electronic garnish than vibes. This isn’t really pop, it’s accessible but it has an ambient flow and thought to it. I had to check out the opening track to see if it’s as good as the title track and while it employs the same production style the opening track comes with some tasty ass bass and drumkit flavors. Oy, so nice check this out. It’s got all the classic Brazilian bits but the production is off the hook!

@@@ DELI TELI: Ekso Dertia (Rebel Up, 2021) I can’t remember if I’ve already heard these guys as I’m on this small label’s mailing list and as I click the player I realize I have. This tune is a rocker with a manic percussion part, some trippy string parts and a gruff singer. With more openly psychedelic sounds going on it lives up more closely to its billing with a big hippie style jam session starting after the halfway point. I wish the mix was a little less sharp and rounder on the bottom as it would give the music more oomph. The song clicked through to the second to last track Tsiftetelli 1969 and that shit is popping!

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