Music for 9/8/21!!! Scorpion Kings, Scratchcard Lanyard

@@@ Scorpion Kings X TRESOR: Folasade ( , 2021) Off a list of best songs of 2021 via Esquire. Weird, right? Those musc PR people will stuff every hole! Oy, I can’t find this track on Apple Music so I will be forced to check it out via the GooglePimpTube video below. It opens dancefloor unt-tsss with some lush keyboard vamping. The Scorpion Kings are from South Africa and they have a Congolese on the mic for this 14 track effort. The parts are pretty straight techno but between the additions and the more intangible rhythmic influences it ends up a blend of techno and world music. Ye ol’ Google refers to it as amapiano. I’ve switched from the GooglePimpTube to Apple Music where the audio is better and it’s a 2019 effort. I like the smoothness of the keys in contrast to added rhythms. If you’re looking for some slightly different fanny shaking music, well then check this out.

@@@ Scratchcard Lanyard: Dry Cleaning (4AD, 2021) The opening track off the record and it comes out….krauty, rocky, sonically 1980s and angular. Oh, this is gonna be a test of my hard drive — this track bites an old track, what is it? A little bit of ‘I might like you better if we slept together’ from the Motels — it’s got that vibe to it. It’s a bit of a midway track — using rock sounds, but not really rocking, it comes off as art school rock preening. Ironically I would pay more attention to the lyrics if the band was more compelling and played with more urgency. This one looks set to go right into rotation at the supermarket.

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