Music for 9/9/21!!! Meatbodies, Iron Maiden

@@@ Meatbodies: Reach for the Sunn (In the Red, 2021) Oh boy, I haven’t heard fuzzy ass guitars like this for more than a bit. Fillin’ up that stereo field with static and noise they open this track which opens the record. Then some kinda uber white boy soft rock voices in there. Around 1:30 the drums come in with a melody and while I like the stabbing melody the drum part is low in the mix and a tad boring. Sorry drummer dude. The second tune evokes some ’70s era British rock, maybe late Beatles and a bit of the ol’ Led Blimpin’, but overall I think they should sharpen up their chops before running up that steep hill.

@@@ Iron Maiden: Senjutsu (Sanctuary, 2021) A classic metal banger, 8 minutes of classic metal to be exact and the singer, oy the singer! Epicness, soaring moments accompanied by the guitar player and it’s just hot metal spray cheese. I’m about 2 minutes in and I think I’ll be lucky to make it to 4 minutes. It’s not that I hate it, it’s just not for me, it’s not the kind of metal I enjoy. I like the drumming, the guitar is solid, I guess they helped pioneer this super shreddy style, I’m no expert on metal history. The chorus is just so extra, the echo of the guitar and the singer, oy! I made it three minutes and 45 seconds, that’s pretty good.

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