Music for 8/1/21!!! Scotch Rolex, Zelooperz

@@@ Scotch Rolex: Tewari (Hakuna Kalala, 2021) A Japanese electro producer goes to Uganda and gets it on with the locals. Regular readers know of my fondness for world music/electro flavor packs. This first track is highlighted by a female African MC that goes off on top of a murky arrangement heavy on liquid bass and skittering beats. Since the artist here is the producer the album is chock full of guest vocalists and MCs. The second tune features a vocalist that could be on a recent metal release, the throat shredding is right up in yer piehole over a long aggro bass tone and some up high bell type synths. I was really excited at the beginning of the record but a little less so after four or five tunes. I have added it to my library to check out later, it’s an interesting formula that produces a unique listening experience so if you’re looking for that check it out.

@@@ Zelooperz: Van Gogh’s Left Ear (Brigade Bruiser, 2021) Put your woofers on notice cuz when this record opens up the kick drum cuts like a knife. Mr. Zelooperz has a purposely unhinged flow on the microphone, playin’ at crazy and spittin’ for the sake of it. And he has friends who show up and hit the microphone in a similar manner. The crazy hop I dig as a counterweight to the gangster low ridin’, this dabbles here and there in x rated imagery and mentions of violence but it has a different way to boast and raise profiles. I like the creativity of the sounds, I like Zelooperz approach to the microphone but the record never takes off for me.

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