Music for 7/31/21!!! Dan and Shay, Logic

@@@ Dan & Shay: Lying (Warner Music, 2021) This some new country shit (which I love for its cliches and predictability) but the hair on the dude on the right when you see the album picture on Apple Music, that’s probably gonna be the best part of this track. It’s bodacious. The track opens up with a piano part that bites another track I can’t remember — you know that one with the line ‘we all need somebody to lean on.’ This track has way more pop music, then black music, then a few pubic hairs of country music. A little electric guitar slipped in the back of the mix, barely there. Key here are the vocal harmonies which are quite stacked and quite white, and I say that as a white dude. I do wonder if this works in pickup truck America or if this isn’t macho enough. I find mainstream culture so weird sometimes, way weirder than freak music out there.

@@@ Logic: Theme for the People (Def Jam, 2021) I love Logic’s space age exploration of funk and black musics. Not really, but ‘merka has no love for the honest folks out there. This one has an MC and he’s actually breaking a sweat over a pretty chill funk track. The bassline is the most notable aspect of this track, the other being how sharp the mix is, those hi hats are so splashed out I had to turn the track down. Bassline Grade A, MC solid B mostly for energy, and C- minus on the beats – dang hats.

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