Music for 8/2/21!!! SEB, Lauran Hibberd

@@@ SEB: killer lover boy (Mom and Pop, 2021) Both of today’s listens are off this week’s Line of Best Fit. This track is off an EP called It’s Okay, We’re Dreaming and it opens with a pretty friendly bouncy pop funk track. Lots of jealous boyfirend lyrics over strummed acoustic guitar and a watered down boombaton thing. Some keyboards. It’s got some energy but I think it could use more — his vocal style is a bit too loverboy and smooth and brings the energy down a bit.

@@@ Lauran Hibberd: Bleugh (eOne Music UK, 2021) Rawk, fucking rawk you fux! Some power chord slamming, in your face distorted female vocals (at least in the beginnning) before the track smooths out into a poppier framework with more bounce and melody in the vocals. By the time the bridge rolls around, you gotta stack of vocal tracks, some spun out guitar shredding and it’s you know rough for rich folks and folks who shop at the mall. It’s off an EP called Goober, so ya know….Goober.

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