Music for 7/25/21!!! Bizzy Banks, Muwosi

@@@ Bizzy Banks: Genesis (Atlantic, 2021) Off the Twatter! This tracks opens with a very cool synth keyboard patch with a little bit of crunch and a tight rhythm. When Mr. Banks hits the microphone, he’s quite urgent. I like almost everything about this song except the lyrics are stupid. I like the hook that it starts with him and he’s called Genesis, and I like he drops some rhymes in Spanish, but other than that, meh. I’ve checked out a bunch of his other stuff and he’s incredible on the mic, as for thoughts and concepts it’s get money, shoot people, bang bitches, standard business. He says get money at the beginning of every track and not just on this record. It’s not like I’m a communist and shit but I don’t need to hear that.

@@@ Muwosi: Frozen Blueberries (Leaving Records, 2021) Pleasantly retro and chill r&b that I got to via a Bandcamp recommended listening list. Muwosi’s voice is the star here as the beats and the keys are pretty basic, I take that back there’s some pretty stylish keyboard tickling going on here. It’s a dreamy vibe and it works, I like her voice and the lack of oversinging and 47 backing vocal tracks that is pretty common these days.

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