Music for 7/24/21!!! Josh A, Rowan

@@@ Josh A: Warzone (Josh A, 2021) I got to this via a music publicist email. It’s whiteboy hip hop with space age, sci fi sounds and a trap undercarriage. Anybody producing or knowledgeable about electronic music production knows that the beats and bass come pre fabbed. The main offender to me is the guitar tones, they’re pretty cheesy unfortunately. Mr. A. is all right on the mic, neither shameful or particularly strong but he flows all right. I’m briefly checking out another track and there’s a fair amount of Disney feels to go with the dark lyrics which I think works for a lot of folks out there. I don’t find it very interesting.

@@@ Rowan: One of these Days (Beverly Martel, 2021) Also from a music publicist email. These guys hail from Ireland and they definitely have heard The Strokes. By the time they throw some pub energy into it, it’s a blend. I like the verse, the chorus less, oh no a tambourine! The tambourine is my mortal enemy. There are a fair amount of unpredictable choices here — a slow down that breaks the rhythmic flow and a brief and fiery guitar shred at the end of the tune, so I appreciate their efforts to freshen the formula.

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