Music for 5/14/21!!! Total Freedom, Xenia Rubinos

@@@ Total Freedom: I ain’t into it (N/A, 2021) Heavily influenced by old school drum and bass this track is a manic dancefloor banger with excellent sonics and progressive lyrics. If you wanna talk shit, I ain’t into it, if you want war, I ain’t into it. About two minutes in the drum and bas falls away and it goes into an electro French African (guess!) flavor with a janky Star Wars synth bass and some rhythmic almost rhyming. It morphs a whole bunch into another thing so I’m starting to think this is an 8 minute dj set. The vibe is sci-fi futuristic fantasy with plenty of fat bass up in the business. Some moments I really liked, others not as much.

@@@ Xenia Rubinos: Cogelo Suave (Anti-, 2021) A new single from Xenia Rubinos who I follow pretty closely. I find some of her stuff a bit messy but when she gets the balance right as she does here it’s pretty elevating stuff. Rhythmically funky she stacks up a bunch of vocal tracks some of which function to enhance the rhythm, some focus on sweetening. Midway through she drops in a synth arpeggio that glues the bitch together. Right at 2:10 she strips it away to just the synth arpeggio and rolls out a wedge of comforting ooohs and aaahs. I like this a whole bunch, I really like the arrangement and I like the balance between the rhythm and melody.

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