Music for 5/12/21!!! Eris Drew, She Spells Doom

@@@ Eris Drew: Daisychain 170 (N/A, 2021) Both listens today are off Crack Magazine’s 10 mixes you have to hear this month that they email out to subscribers. Second listen of the day, opening quite ambient with chopped up and dubbed voices before a brisk dance beat sets in. A vocal sample urges listeners urges folks to pump their bodies pushing the rhythmic energy higher. Oh this is quite stylish, a little improvised on the microphone, a nice high repeating melody and a lot of rhythm. I haven’t checked out a lot of these online dance sets but from what I can tell there’s an emphasis on morphing through different vibes as part of a performance. I’m on my third spot check and the energy here is high, a bit retro and dancefloor bangin’. If you feel like moving your body this will get you there, peep this.

@@@ She Spells Doom: Origins Tape 016 (N/A, 2021) This is our first listen of the day. Three online DJ sets with this one opening up dark with occasional splashes of twinkly synth. As the darkness recedes we get bird noises and some shushing waves so there’s a New Age nature thing going here. Not my favorite. I think it’s gonna be a few more minutes before the beats show up and then I’ll know how I feel about this set. It’s hard to get super clear on it when it’s an hour long set but the beginning does set the tone. The beats come with some voices and a stabbing bass and the energy has popped quite significantly. I like the beats, techno-ish but not the classic unt-tss. I’ve peeped around the hour and like the sounds — one section pops in with some French African flavored business. I like the energy here.

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