Music for 4/1/21!!! Real Estate, The Antlers, Special Friend

@@@ Real Estate: Half a Human (Domino, 2021) Ah Domino, the UK’s leading purveyor of odd, pastoral rock and this fits in though on the more mainstream side. The singer comes in Alex Chilton/detached and chill white guy style. I really like the vibe here and that’s balanced against its very familiar formula and how I feel about that. I guess that brings up the question of what is art, is it a faithful reproduction of what has come before is it okay or even necessary to want something more than a faithful reproduction? I can’t answer these questions for you, faithful reader of my shitass tiny blog but I think it’s a solid question. This track goes out on a jangly 2 guitar jam and it’s quite nice, like a summer wind across one’s taint. Perfectly awesome for those who want the familiar reproduction.

@@@ The Antlers: Green to Gold (Anti-, 2021) The 8th song on this alternative indie thing — loping is how I would describe the beginning section of this tune before the vocals come in. A breathy dude comes in — he’s not bedroom breathy, it’s more macaroni and cheese comforting type of thing. He’s your friend breathy. Mr. Antlers slides a couple of slide-y typed guitars in back of the arrangement and I feel that. And with a swelling organ, it’s just mad sad and there for you up in here. It’s not hippie-ish but it’s a lot of comforting sounds making me a bit sleepy. Think there could be some contrast here, there could be a thing such as too much comfort. Oxycontin for example.

@@@ Special Friend: Ennemi Commun (Sprecial Friend/Modular, 2021) Some old school retro indie guitar business. Two singers, both sort of detached in a Sonic Youth kinda way but the rest of it isn’t as blustery as the Youth. A bit crunchy and a bit smooth, it’s well executed particularly in the vocal stylings, but imho it could use a Red Bull in the band playing. Especially the drummer, get up in there and pump it up. Nice guitar tones with a jammy outro, one guitar holding it down with the distortion pedal and the other going intergalactic white space cowboy.

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