Music for 3/31/21!!! Roger Fakhr, Lee Fry Music, Florence Adooni

@@@ Roger Fakhr: Had to Come Back Wet (Habibi Funk, 2021) A reissue off of this week’s WRIR playlist email and a weird title with not much indication of what this track might be about. This music comes in as world music due to the fact that it was recorded in Lebanon in the late ’70s. If this was American made music it would be funky rock from the same time period, not the Doobie brothers but something in that neighborhood. With this recording timeframe you get a certain set of sonic attributes — pumping drums and bass and a certain forward mono type sound. I like this, I don’t love this keyboard sound, it’s got that hipster fusion-y sound that I’m pretty allergic to but it’s all right. These are pre-release tracks and the whole biscuit will be dropping soon.

@@@ Lee Fry Music: Wianek (Lee Fry Music, 2021) More off last week’s All Music notable release email. The tune is less murky than old school dub but brings some interesting sounds to the dubwise framework. A chainsawy synth bass, some Asian flavored strings, and an interesting vocal arrangement — multiple female voices off set to one another. I have no idea what she’s singing about but it produces a strong effect. The tempo is brisk and the track is dominated by the drum machine, the bass and the vocals. If I was more connected to the lyrics I would dig this more.

@@@ Florence Adooni: Mam Pe’ela Su’ure (Philophon, 2021) A track from a singer associated with the same label that released the Guy One record in 2017 that is most likely my favorite record of the ’10s. Adooni is a smooth as butter vocalist and she does her thing here over a laidback groove with typical instrumentation but mostly driven by some deceptively trick guitar playing. Other elements include a poppin bass sound that is a bit dubby and pretty funky, but Adooni and the vocalists supporting here as well as her background vocal tracks are the focus here. Oh shit, as I finish up this here blog post the second track of this single comes on and it’s sticky as shit, maximum balance of rhythm and melody and just a super janky feel that other genres can not usually get with. If you have a streaming service please check out this second track Naba Aferda, it is wickedness. If you don’t have a streaming service well then you’re fucked on this one.

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