Music for 3/23/21!!! The Stayawakes, Lana Del Ray, Justin Bieber

@@@ The Stayawakes: Lovestruck (Engineer, 2020) I got to this tune via an email from the UK label that released it. Some pumped up power pop punk and all those adjectives or some combination there of. Big guitars, big drums and a lot of vocal melody sauce over the tope to evoke a combination of toughness and tenderness. I checked up on the ol’ Google to see this band hails from the UK though it’s impossible to tell and they could just as easily be from Southern California. It’s a pretty familiar formula delivered with high energy.

@@@ Lana Del Rey: White Dress (Interscope, 2021) How odd that pouty and mopey Lana Del Rey has become meaningful pop royalty. I liked some of the feels on her last record but I thought it got a bit overhyped. This is the opening track on her creatively titled Chemtrails over the Country Club. Her vocals are very convincing on this track, upper register and delivered in an oddly engaging manner. Lyrically it may be semi-autobiographical (or not) but it’s about a waitress going to a music conference. It’s Lana driven I’m guessing. The vocal arrangement is well done, super polished as one would expect from a major label release and whether you dig this track comes down to how you feel about the vocals. I don’t love the lyrics but I praise the outstanding delivery.

@@@ Justin Bieber: Peaches (Def Jam, 2021) Justin Bieber makes a record called Peaches, wow that about says it all. This one is a combo dancefloor banger, loverboy thing with a call and response vocal style where Justin plays both the call and the response. I hear a lot of music and this sounds like a dude trying to make some money. So conciously pleasing with such superficial lyrics. oy it smells more than a bit dubious. He gets his peaches from down in Georgian and his weed from California. I think Bieber could use 6 weeks at a Marine boot camp, his shit is too soft. Finger snaps, dumb vocal hooks and watered down funk, he sounds like he doesn’t know who he is.

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